Body Implants

Specific body areas sometimes need to be enhanced or augmented. Could be because of a deformity post injury, congenital defects like POLIO or plainly cosmetic.

Most common areas where implants are used are:
1. Calf (legs)
2. Buttocks
3. Cheeks (Malar implants)
4. Pectoral implants (chest)
5. Testicular implants
6. Angle of jaw (Mandibular implants)

The implants are usually silicone implants which maybe gel filled or solid depending on the area. 
Usually requires an incision in a hidden area or fold, from where the implants are inserted.

Healing times are typically 1-2 weeks and complete healing takes about 3 months. Some amount of activity restriction is advised in all the procedures depending on what’s done.

Once the initial healing period is over these implants behave well and no major long term problems are noticed. But the potential for an infection and rupture is always there.

Body implants require proper planning and execution for the best results and minimal complications.

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