Brow Lift

Forehead lift or Brow lift

In some patients, because of aging the forehead or brow tends to come down giving a tired look or in severe cases even hamper vision.


Some patients asking for an upper blepharoplasty might actually be candidates for a brow lift rather than an upper blepharoplasty, which if done will in fact shorten the upper eyelid. Hence proper evaluation by trained surgeons is needed.


The lateral forehead lift is done via small incision in the hair bearing area in the temple on both sides. Dissection is carried out till the orbital rim and all the tissues are lifted up and hitched at a higher level.  The fixation can be done with sutures or using an ENDOTINE.


This procedure can also be done using an Endoscopic approach called an ‘Endoscopic Brow Lift


The lateral brow lift using and endotine can also be done via an Incision just above the eyebrow. Both approaches are well tolerated with good results.


Threads for a brow lift haven’t met with good success as the muscles are very strong. But Ribbon Lift has shown better promise when it come to Minimally Invasive Brow Lifts

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