In some boys during puberty and adolescence, breasts develop to notable sizes. About 80 % boys develop gynaecomastia during puberty, and out of these about 80 % carry it into adulthood.


This can be a cause of psychological problems and causes the boys to be embarrassed to remove their clothing in front of others or while playing contact sports, swimming or when they move to a hostel environment.


Gynaecomastia or Man Boobs as it is commenly called, may be of the glandular or fatty type. The glandular type is usually present beneath the nipple and areola, the fatty type being more diffusely spread. Usually both types are present in varying combinations.

Treatment is most often sought because of psychological trauma and cosmetic reasons. Rarely there may be pain in the glandular element causing them to seek treatment (True Gynaecomastia).



The procedure is done almost exclusively using Liposuction nowadays. Its done via a small 1cm incision on the sides of the chest. The fat is sucked out and the glandular element can be broken up and sucked out through the same incision. Very rarely when the glandular element is large then it is removed from a small incision in the areola.

In some cases of extreme weight loss or large gyanecomastias, additional procedures for skin reduction may have to be added on.

DrSurindher does not use drains in Gynaecomastia surgeries since the last 15 years, except in large glandular ones.

After surgery a pressure dressing is needed, to help the skin shrink back. Varying degrees of swelling could persist for 3 – 4 months.


Post Op:

Wearing the Pressure garment is mandatory to achieve the best results.



It is a relatively safe procedure with no major side effects.

Sometimes over enthusiastic excision are done by improperly trained surgeons leading to a dish deformity or saucer deformity, where the skin is thinned so much that it sticks to the muscle producing a very flat and deformed chest wall.


The aim of correction in this procedure is to achieve a skin fold thickness in conformity with the rest of the body and not to flatten it out too much.

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