Scarless Breast Reduction

Scarless breast reduction is another name given to the reducing the size of the breasts by liposuction. Its called scarless because the incision is only a small 1cm cut under the breast, as compared to the large incisions in the classical breast reduction. The principle is to reduce the weight and subsequently the skin shrinks because of the reduced weight. 

 It basically means, reducing the bulk of the breast using liposuction, which helps reduce the weight of the breast and the symptoms related to the weight.

It’s a good option for breasts with more fatty content than glandular excess. Results are better in breasts where the stretch marks are not too much. 

Post op recovery is very fast and patients are advised to do massages to help the skin shrink and wear good supporting Bra’s. Complete healing takes about three months. But one can resume normal activities from day 2.

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