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Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgery is a subset of plastic Surgery dealing with treating patients without any active disease process. Plastic and reconstructive surgery principles are the base on which cosmetic surgery has evolved.

Though Cosmetic Surgery has been around for many years in India, it is gradually gaining more acceptance. The cause for this being more awareness regarding the options, the wider availability of the procedures and also because of it becoming more affordable.

Looking good and keeping fit helps build ones confidence to take on the challenges in life. People want to look good in their roles, be it as an officer, a corporate employee or even as a young housewife. It is no longer only for the celebrities and is also no more only for the fairer sex.

Cosmetic surgery in India is hence coming of age, but there is a huge lacuna regarding the understanding of these procedures. The most commonly sought after surgical procedure are liposuction and body contouring, nose correction or rhinoplasty, breast enlargement or augmentation, male breast reduction, hair transplant and face lifts.

Minimally invasive or non invasive procedures like lip enlargement with fillers, thread lifts, botox and chemical peels are gaining more and more popularity.

Cosmetic surgery is not about changing who you are, it is about maintaining your individuality, which makes you the person you are, but along with removing any flaws there might be. That is our aim and hence our tag line.... "Redefine Yourself"

With shrinking distances, India is becoming a major hub for Medical tourism too. Medical tourism in India is growing fast and especially so for cosmetic surgery. People are opting to travel to India from far and wide for their cosmetic surgical procedure, as they are assured of good professional care and expertise at affordable costs.

India is a vibrant country which prides itself on its hospitality and we would like to see our clients not as a customer but as our guests.

This site has been designed to give you insights into the procedures available, as also their limitations and risks. It is not aimed at making a sales pitch, but aimed at providing all the necessary information to help you make an educated decision.

I hope you enjoy your stay on our site and give us the opportunity to interact with you and help you with what ever you are looking for.

Hope we can be a part of the "New Improved Version of YOU" !!!

Dr.Surindher D.S.A
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