Our Process

1.      Spend some time on our website, look through the information for the procedure you think you require. Make an enquiry online or send us a message on 9945780075. We will most likely ask for pictures so that we can give you a rough estimate.

2.     We will confirm your appointment by text message. Come in on the day of your appointment with with an open mind and any questions you have. It is a good idea to bring in any pictures of expectations you have so that it can be used as a reference and Dr. Surindher will be able to assess your needs more accurately.

3.     If you are happy with your consultation and would like to go ahead with the procedure. Discuss financial and procedures dates with the patient coordinator. The patient coordinator will take you through the details of your procedure and pre and post op care. 

4.     Finalise date, pay deposit, do blood tests.

5.     Once you have received the all clear, procedure will take place in the Cosmesis India Day Centre, you will go home the same day.

6.     Come in for your followup appointment after a week and one month. 

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